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Sheelagh Jones

Where are you from?

I live in Box, Wiltshire, but was born in Clatterbridge Hospital, West Kirby.

How long have you liked Marillion?
Since seeing them live at Bath University in February 2001. I was taken to the gig as a Valentine's day 'treat' (I thought I didn't like Marillion!.. I was wrong).

Favourite Marillion Album?
F E A R. Can't fault it on any level. White Paper is my favourite track. Prior to that, it would be Brave.

How long have you been in the web team?
Since 2009, when I was invited along as a treat during treatment for an illness.

What do you enjoy most about being part of the team?
I really like the reaction to the mags from fans and the feedback to the 'smileys' that go on envelopes. Always nice to spread a little happiness. I have enjoyed my 15 minutes of fame too: some dodgy singing (on my part!) on Carol Of the Bells and some funky hand claps on The Leavers (Wake up in Music).

Best Marillion moment?
There are many and it's difficult to pin down 'moments' but I'll try: Marillion Weekends, meeting people who have been touched by the kindness of band members and management; making new friendships; enjoying the 'secret' that is Marillion are a few.

But a moment... just one, wonderful memory? I'd pin it down to two! One at Cadogan Hall, when 'This Train' was being performed, that moment when the 'christmas lights' line occurs and the tree lit up in full Christmas splendour and was met by an audible gasp from the whole audience; and a totally personal moment? A PZ show: h ran through the crowd at the end of the show and stopped to give me an incredibly strong bear hug. Lovely man, that Mr h.

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