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Malcolm Harris
Where are you from?
Born in Bristol (but with Dad in the RAF that was his current posting… so could’ve been anywhere!)  I now live in Perth, Western Australia (a long way from… well... most places, to tell you the truth).

How long have you liked Marillion?
Interesting question. My friend Derek played me a really dodgy mono recording of Script from a hand-held tape-deck in the early 80’s.  Sounded bloody dreadful!!  But happily….I persevered, and once I had some of those new-fangled cd thingy’s - hurrah! By around 1984, all was well.

Favourite Marillion Album?
Good grief!  I can’t answer that!  No.  Really… I can’t.  On which day?   On some days… Misplaced Childhood; on others it could be Brave, or Marbles. Or Script.  Or Holidays in Eden.

How long have you been in the web team?
I had a ‘fuzzy’ start.  Behind the scenes for several years, helping out with the magazine.  I can’t actually remember.  Oh dear.  Am I old?

What do you enjoy most about being part of the team?
From this distance I can’t offer quite as much ‘hands-on support’ as the rest of the Web UK team, but I enjoy making sure the mag is a good as it can be.  But… I’m a member of two teams, so I’m very, very lucky.  I also work merch at the Marillion Weekends, so that gives me the chance to hang out with the other Webbies over a beer.  Or a caramel latte.  Whichever.

Best Marillion moment?
Getting that phone call from Lucy late one evening, at home in Australia, asking me if I wanted to join the merch team?  Not too hard to answer at all.

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