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Rick Armstrong releases his second album

Spatial Elements is the second album of space ambient electronic music from Rick Armstrong, inspired by electronic music pioneers like Tangerine Dream and Vangelis.

The pre-release video is for the track On The Surface Of Luna which begins with a wonderful mood-setting guitar solo from Steve Rothery.

Spatial Elements is released December 2, 2021 and is available via Bandcamp as a CD and digital download.

PROG Magazine said of previous album, Infinite Corridors:

possessing an epic soundtrack feel that conjures memories of the rippling musical backdrop to Blade Runner.

Spatial Elements

  1. Heart of Iceland
  2. Accretion Disk
  3. Challenger Deep
  4. The Pillars of Creation
  5. Magmatica
  6. On the Surface of Luna
  7. Valley of the Time Tombs

  • Musical guests: Dave Foster, Steve Rothery
  • Mastered by: Andy VanDette, Evolve Mastering
  • Graphic Design: Wendy Darling Blackwood
  • Video Design: Simon Lowery

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