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New live Package from Steve Rothery And his Band.

Steve Rothery is proud to announce the release of a new live package, Live in London. The package contains a Blu-ray and two audio CDs.

Steve Rothery Band Live in London

The shows were recorded at the Islington Assembly Hall on January 13th 2017 and at Bush Hall on 8th November 2014. Both shows are included on the Blu-ray as well as an interview with Steve.

Steve’s band features Dave Foster on guitar, Yatim Halimi on bass, Riccardo Romano on keyboards, Leon Parr on drums and Martin Jakubski on vocals.

Steve himself said of the release:

At long last, the Steve Rothery band - Live in London blu-ray is ready! A great record of two of our London shows filmed by the legendary Tim Sidwell and his crew and mixed by Mike Hunter and Phil Brown. I’m hoping to do some more SRB shows next year whenever I can crowbar them in but this is a good opportunity to see what all the fuss is about.
The price is £19.99 (Including UK VAT) and will be available to pre-order from 1st October.

Click here to Pre-order.

Live photo © Trevor Burgess
Track Listing

Islington Assembly Hall, 13.01.17
  1. Morpheus
  2. Kendris
  3. Old Man of the Sea
  4. White Pass
  5. Summer's End

  6. Cinderella Search
  7. Chelsea Monday
  8. Incubus
  9. Fugazi
  10. Sugar Mice
  11. Three Boats down from the Candy
  12. White Russian
  13. Garden Party
  14. Market Square Heroes

Bush Hall, 8.11.14.
  1. Morpheus
  2. Kendris
  3. Old Man of the Sea
  4. White Pass
  5. Yesterday's Hero
  6. Summer's End
  7. The Ghosts of Pripyat

  8. Cinderella Search
  9. Afraid of Sunlight
  10. Incubus
  11. Chelsea Monday
  12. Fugazi
  13. Lavender
  14. Heart of Lothian


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