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United Arts Festival 2021
On Friday 13th August the Steve Rothery Band will be playing the United Arts Festival in Gdansk, Poland, alongside the likes of Riverside and Tangerine Dream. This festival aims to unite arts, genres and styles - music, theatre, painting, sculpture. Within the space of a single day you’ll be able to watch a live concert, see a theatre play and go to an art show. An arts festival is being created for you.

The organisers said:

The idea to combine different modes of artistic expression was born as a natural consequence of our vision. Our team includes musicians, music lovers, theatre lovers - artists and recipients of culture. Although not without our differences in taste (and believe us when we say this), it ultimately did not matter, as we all are sensitive to every type of art. This is what we strive to do — to experience the new, to confront things unknown, to be persuaded to something, to be inspired by something. After all, it is the new discoveries that give birth to the most vivid memories and emotions.
The festival will be held at the Hevelianum complex, situated within the city center of Gdansk. The ambience created by the old fortifications and panoramic views of the city will only add to the celebrations of the arts planned for attendees. These old walls and fortifications, overgrown and mysterious, towering over the rest of the city, when enlivened by theatre, music and exhibitions will transport you to a whole different world.

Steve said:

In the wake of the pandemic it’s amazing to contemplate playing live again, something all musicians have missed so much and I’d like to thank Piotr and all of Riverside for this opportunity. It’s going to be a very special day!
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