The Web UK Magazine, Spring 2021 issue Click here to discover more
The 2021 Spring issue of The Web UK Magazine has finally gone to press, only slightly late.

It's full of really interesting articles such as [snip]... whoops, nearly slipped up! We can't tell you lest we risk being consigned to the Racket dungeon. The ancient remains of the last Web Elf who annoyed Lucy are still there, in a little pile on the floor, and all they did was eat the last Chocolate Hobnobs. We wouldn't mind but they aren't much of a conversationalist, although their sense of humour is bone dry 😉. There's also another cunning competition to baffle your brains.

Don't eat Lucy's Chocolate Hobnobs Please note, it really doesn't pay to steal Lucy's Hobnobs!

Fingers crossed, it should be landing on your collective door mats in the next few weeks.

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