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When it comes to language Leicester is proud to be in a league of their own. This is a handy guide to key phrases that will help you blend in...

  Aye up duck : Hello dear
  Ark at Im : Will you listen to that fellow
  Bout a zevvy : Equal in weight
  Chisit : How much does that cost?
  D’year youth? : Can you hear me young man?
  Ee looked at me gone out : I don’t think he believed me
  Ee’s gorra cob on : He’s upset
  Ee’s right nesh : He feels the cold
  Frit : Scared
  Gerronwirrit : Please continue
  Gisit : Could you pass that please?
  Giz a birra yer snap : May I share your food please?
  Guwin down the offeh : I'm going out to buy some alcohol
  I ain’t gorrany : I have no food to spare
  Larreh : Cheeky
  Or’light me ode : Hello
  Shay’s gerrin mardy : That woman seems upset
  Treat ya sen : Treat Yourself
  Yak us a cob* : Could you throw me one of those bread rolls please?
*A well-know point of contention in the Midlands versus the rest of the UK, but a cob is undisputedly the correct term for small individually baked bread - also known as a roll, bap, batch, breadcake or some other nonsense elsewhere.

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