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Memory of the Royal Albert Hall

On 13th October 2017 Marillion played an amazing gig at the Royal Albert Hall. On Facebook we asked for your thoughts and what the highlight of the evening was. Here is what you said:

Quotation Mark My wife. First Marillion gig who said “that was brilliant, can we go to the next Marillion weekend? Mike Ferguson

Quotation Mark What an incredible night! The boys (and in this instance girls!) were on top form, playing their hearts out and tugging ours at the same time. A superb venue with an atmosphere you could hold in your hand. The lighting and sound were spot on with so many highlights but for me it had to be Great Escape and the wonderful Neverland, with Rothers guitar work getting my eyes damp (again). H was as always a master showman, while Mark, Ian and Pete played beautifully - I just didn't want that night to end so many thanks for the memories and see you in Cambridge next year. Kevin Wilkins

Quotation Mark I found myself in tears during The Great Escape so that was a holiday highlight. The lighting was up there with Rush, and the finger lights and confetti made it very special. I can’t quite believe it’s the same band that were playing venues like The Zodiac in 1999. Philip Thomas

Quotation Mark The Space… if for nothing else, thank you for that. Sheelagh Jones

Quotation Mark Was brought to tears by Great Escape, Easter, Neverland and 'go-light effect'. But this was The Space that brought me to my knees and left me breathless, speachles. The Space never ever before sounded like this! The Space was out of this world.... Was the best birthday present ever! Yes, RAH was my birthday exactly :) I will keep that memory in my heart for the rest of my life. Beatrycze Bem

Quotation Mark 24 hours later and still struggling to compute what has just happened. The feeling I got was that this wasn't a gift for us (the fans) but more for the band - everyone wanted the night to be epic because they (the band) deserved it... and boy was it epic. For a band hiding in plain sight for so long the crowd willed their lights to blow the roof of the RAH and shine a beacon into the night sky. If there's a better set closure than 'one tonight' I haven't heard it! Mike Bartlett

Quotation Mark Mark's opening keyboard lines to the space opening the 2nd half made me gasp. What a song to open with and they absolutely blew me away with it. It set the tone for the 2nd half completely and it was one favourite after another from then on. A completely astonishing show that will live with me forever. Philip Todd

Quotation Mark No other band on the planet deserves this moment more than Marillion. They have stuck to their beliefs whilst the fans have shown their loyalty. This was a celebration for everyone. Surely there has never been so much love shared between a band and its fans than last Friday in the world famous RAH. Roger Harvey

Quotation Mark Being at home in the US, I felt that we had a chance to see the good side of social media, the power to keep a worldwide family in touch as some attended an important celebration, and the rest of us were kept in the loop and able to cheer them on. The Atlantic Ocean and the time difference dissolved, and I felt like I was part of a close network with its hub in London for the moment. It's a 21st century family, with a few squabbles and a lot of love, mutual affection, and old and new friendships. All because of the music made by a band of five guys who work together beautifully. Jed Levin

Quotation Mark The show was a highlight for me.. simply amazing.. if I had to pick just one song, then it would be the The Space!! That song was made for strings... just something else! Gary Keating

Quotation Mark I arrived late, and missed F E A R, unfortunately. But the second half was just incredible! I brought my long-suffering family along, and even they thought it was spectacular. Highlight for me?? Mmm...that's a tough one. I thought The Space was incredible and so well received by the crowd. The Great Escape actually brought a little tear to me eye, and gigs (even Marillion ones) don't tend to do that to me. Incredible, unforgettable evening! Richie Tips

Quotation Mark I wasn't there yet I feel as though I was thanks to all the comments and descriptions. My feeling is that this year is a turning point for the lads... consecration..... and don't they deserve it ! I know that when I'll too open the plastic around the DVD set box in spring and sit down with a bottle of single malt with my partner I will be thinking "oh Yes! this is what real music is all about... talent, meaningful words ... and heart and respect".

Well done to the lads and not to getting the fantastic team behind the scenes who make this possible....Respect! Beverly Baker

Quotation Mark The Great Escape was by far my highlight. It just built and built and built, and by Falling from the Moon, I was overwhelmed. The strings, horn and flute added so much and at the first 2 notes of The Space, I knew they were going to be playing the best gig I've seen. It was a triumph. They completely nailed it, and they should be extremely proud of what they achieved. Iain Kings

You just named the highlights for me! The tone of Rothers guitar in Neverland and that violin run in the great escape! Anthony Craig

Quotation Mark This was one of many highlights

Brain Sims and Lucy at the RAH

Brian Sims

Quotation Mark A fantastic night and the enjoyment of my daughter when they played Easter was only topped by Man Of A Thousand Faces which had her dancing in front of her seat. Thank you for making one very happy 9 year old. Mike Conabeer

Quotation Mark The Leavers had me in tears. The Space sounded out of this world. Great Escape was stunning. The lights and lasers were superb and there wasn't a wrong note all night. Thank you. Colin Pownall

Quotation Mark Highlights-oh dear where do I start!! Go lights, Easter, In Praise of Folly, the flautist and horn player, h complete with tiara, the Leavers, I could go on as there were so many!! The low point— being so emotionally drained and trying to walk back to the hotel whilst still blubbering! Looking forward now to Birmingham Symphony Hall next April xx Ann Lacey

Quotation Mark I just thought the sound was amazing from the very first note and the venue mind blowing. Scott Brownlow

Quotation Mark It was a magical stunning show. Enjoyed every second from our view from the rausing circle. Hanneke De Bruijn

Quotation Mark Lucy Jordache Marillion this is marvelous, amazing!!! What a wonderful concert!!!! Congratulations Adriana Vargas Aguilar

Quotation Mark One word...thank you Gary Uzzell

Quotation Mark All of it. Please do it again soon. Mick Stead

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