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Memory of Leicester

After a wonderful Marillion Weekend in Leicester here are some thoughts of the fans taken from Facebook:

Quotation Mark I'm not very articulate but this comes from the bottom my heart. I'd like to thank everyone who was involved in making these conventions. From the Band, staff, crew and to the family who follow the band religiously throughout the globe. I've never ever in my life met so many wonderful people. Some of which will be friends for life.

We have listened, laughed, danced and cried together throughout these weekends. No other Band or management on the planet have a connection with their fans like Marillion have and if your not a Marillion fan you won't get it but that's ok you don't have too.

I feel truly honoured and humbled to be part of this amazing family and we are a family. I've never had so many hugs and kisses in my life. To my own group and you know who you all are. You are Magnificent and I love you all to bits. Life changing friendships. "How many people can you love" Tony Byers

Quotation Mark What can I say about this weekend that has not already been said. Many friends and family have asked me why I love Marillion so much. Well, the answer is simple – see them live. I have been going to gigs, concerts and festivals for 25 years and seen over 100 bands and solo artists live and nobody compares to Marillion. The band work extremely hard to make each show matter and the fans respond with total dedication both getting to the venue and inside the venue making a wonderful atmosphere. Both band and fans feeding off each-other makes a 2000 capacity venue feel like a stadium concert. This weekend was 3 fantastic shows indeed. Even a bad Marillion gig (which are extremely rare and which some people said Friday night was) is still better than some bands’ best shows. Some of my highlights were The Leavers, This Strange Engine, Gaza, Beyond You, Estonia, Interior Lulu and many many others. The lights going out during The Great Escape added to the atmosphere. The finger lights during Go! were absolutely amazing too.

I would like to thank the band for creating and performing such a fantastic setlist, the crew especially Lucy, Stephanie, Yenz and Phil (I don’t know the names of anyone else, sorry). The venue staff for their politeness and friendliness and serving us drinks until 1am. I’d like to thank the people of Leicester for putting up with 2000 Marillion fans and making us feel very welcome. It was so lovely to see everyone and say hi, even if just briefly. You know who you are but there so so many people so please tag yourselves if I missed you. See you in October for RAH.

The rest of the world can have Ed Sheeran with his 900 million youtube views but we have Marillion and we have a much better deal. The best band in the world. Aidan Campbell

Quotation Mark My virginal Convention is now over and all I can say is WOW! So many highlights - the people, the venue, the shows! Still need to get my head around FEAR! However I'm a novice!

Thank you for making me feel so welcome and for giving me a weekend to remember for many reasons! Until the next time..! Nikki Walford

Quotation Mark My first Marillion weekend over.

A big thank you to Lucy, Stephanie and everyone else who made this such an amazing and special occasion. Obviously also thanks to h, Steven, Ian, Pete and Mark for their amazing, emotional songs. Marillion are like no other band I know.

Thank you to Simon for his kind words about my contribution to the weekend and thanks again to Lucy for asking me.

Finally thank you to all the amazing people I met. Some I have met before, some for the first time. I can't believe how many lovely people have come up to me and said hello and I apologise to those I didn't recognise - I'm terrible with names and faces.

So, two years time then! Francis Donlevy

Quotation Mark In a world that knows much sadness and despair, I found a haven of love, crazy happiness and lots of fun. Thank you Marillion for three of the best days of my life. I am on a cloud of happiness right now that will take some time to come down from. Yet again, you blew me away.Thank you is such a small phrase, but know that it comes from my heart to all of you... hband, Lucy Jordache,Stephanie Bradley and the whole crew. Till next time xxx Sheelagh Jones

Quotation Mark Yet again the band and organisers surpassed themselves!

Leicester was a truly memorable weekend! Great setlists, great company! Standout tear jerker for me was A Voice From The Past which really resonated. Don't care where 2019 is held but hope they go back to Lodz!

So which albums haven't been done yet? I guess it's Happiness Is The Road's turn? Peace, love and finger lights!!! Matt West

Quotation Mark Whats on my mind????

My first Marillion weekend over. Amazed. Awed. Floored. Elated. Devastated. Exhausted. Cloud 12. Didn't want it to end but 3 days, 7 and a half hours of music, late nights destroyed feet... I think the timing was perfect.

To all the people I got to meet, the new wonderful extended family, to Lucy Jordache Marillion who came and socialized with everyone and who organised such a phenominal weekend, mostly to all the guys in the band who played an awesome set and tore me apart several times.

To everyone that contributed to surprise the band. See you in two years. *cough* Ocean Cloud and Out of This World x Huge love Jeff Clark

Quotation Mark Wow! Just beautiful! Totally overcome on rewatching this (a video of the finger lights during Go)! Marillion DO have the best fans and I'm already looking forward to 2019 when I can be part of this again. I feel so privileged to have been here. The downside is the inevitable comedown. Alison McAuliffe

Quotation Mark Back home after a fantastic Marillion weekend in Leicester with amazing friends. Many thanks to each and every one of you for helping to turn a not so good Panda into a Happy Panda once again. Love and Hugs being sent your way. Kenny Graham

Quotation Mark I know I constantly tell everyone how much I love Marillion. Fuck me this weekend had been so special. I've laughed, cried and met some of my heroes again. Thank you to everyone that makes these conventions happen you are all amazing x Jimmy White

Quotation Mark Marillion. Mar-illion. Ma-ri-llion. Marilli-on. However you say it, however you analyse it, whichever song was the best, whichever set stood out, the lighting, the sound, the crew, the merch, whatever you have to say, it all comes down to five absolutely brilliantly talented musicians weaving their magic and binding their fans as one. Brilliant. Bri-lliant. Br-il-iant. Brillia-nt.

To my friends, to the freaks, to the people I don't know, to the people who helped me to enjoy this fabulous experience, you are fabulous. Thank you so, so much! xxx Chris Riley

Quotation Mark Suffering from MWW (Marillion Weekend Withdrawal). Keep thinking of spine tingling moments of the weekend to take the blues away. There were so many, apart from all the musical ones, the finger lights going up in unison, the hug h gave Rothers after the TSE solo and the great atmosphere made by the fantastic audience were a few. Unforgettable. David Wootton

Quotation Mark The kindness/friendliness of the fans at the weekend was the most amazing thing ever, really restores your faith in humanity! There's some lovely folk out there (who happen to like Marillion too!!) apparently I'm weird for liking the band, however I like to turn it on it's head and I think they're weird for not liking them!!! it's cool to be weird. Lois Stephens

You may remember I posted a few weeks about being apprehensive attending my first weekend and going alone. Well thanks to all the extraordinarily friendly people I met over the 3 days, I have to say I literally had the best weekend of my life.

What an incredible weekend. The band were indescribably good on all 3 nights. I also managed to see both Stillmarillion and Real to Reel who were both incredibly good.

Can't wait for 2019 now. I may just be tempted to go to PZ, alone or with friends, it won't matter. Nigel Moscardini

Quotation Mark What is it that happens sometimes between the band and us? It's hard to describe how last night was somehow lifted to something else. Yes the band were absolutely superb, but they often are. Somehow the parts - music, singing, lights, audience - joined together to make something so special that I can't even begin to articulate it. I will try to trap the spark and somehow hold on to the vibe of such a magical night. Sue Beasey

Quotation Mark A colleague at work went to see Ed Sheeran on Saturday and he said he was good... but... came away feeling he wanted more. Very little interaction with the crowd and stood there singing his songs. Maybe he's worn out and on a long tour, who knows, but we certainly got an unforgettable experience, just a perfect weekend. The band and everyone working with them just went above and beyond what was expected. Anthony Craig

Quotation Mark This whole weekend was an awesome rollercoaster ride. From meeting so many new friends and re-acquainting with old ones. The setlist were excellent and the band just keep raising the bar on their performances. Sat night was going down as one of my all time fav gigs until they blew that out of the park on Sunday night. Fun and shenanigans were had every night after the gigs and I just want to say I can't wait to see you all again soon. Bring on the RAH. Terry Scully

Quotation Mark This was my first ever Weekend, and my first Marillion gig for many years and it was one of the most moving and emotional experiences of my life. It felt like coming home and I'm already counting the days til the next one.

Well what can I say? What a fantastic weekend. Thank you to the Band and everyone involved. The venue was great with friendly and helpful staff. We met old friends and made new friends too. Just a perfect weekend. Roll on The Albert Hall! Dorothy Haskins

Quotation Mark Wow! Just.. wow! It is so hard to put into words what I think/feel right now.. so so emotional!

The band were superb, H stayed on his feet, and every track was played beautifully! Simply amazing. Need to shout out to my family! I met most of you in PZ but this weekend I have caught up with you and enjoyed a beer or food together. Highlights for me - Goosebumps from Go! and the finger lights. Also goosebumps from The leavers... I have never felt such an overwhelming feeling of love.. I literally wanted to group hug with everyone in the hall! Maria Nias

Quotation Mark I like to contemplate my thoughts before I give my opinion so, Friday night had a very sweet moment, the played there accuctic section was almost like we were all family gathering arrond the piano at Christmas, it had a very warm feeling about it.

Saturday had something to please all of the Saint's and the sinners the and the young. Marillion do expand our universe of a family never has it been so strong we could rise through anything. Fear was excellent sharing a personal moment with a new friend and being at there side in a time of need, and white paper just reduced me to tears.

Sunday what can I say passing light's to people in the venue made it feel like we had a connection with as many people as possible the ones that knew nothing of the surprise felt included which in turn gave an atmosphere to start the evening well, never did I think it would be so well executed an idea, it was mind blowingly beautiful and will stay with me for ever my body is broken and my eyes are week stop crying for weeks when I think back to the confetti our group hug you just have to have been there to understand us so we will go back to our sensible live feeling a little alone until we all come together again.

Thanks to everyone for making it such a special weekend Lucy and the crew for making it possible and to to band for creating such poignant music. WE LOVE YOU. XXXXX Marie Villiers

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