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Recreating Marillion's album covers

So, one day in early April I was flipping through posts on FaceBook and stumbled upon a post on about a museum challenging people to pass the quarantine time by recreating works of art with articles from their home. As I reviewed and enjoyed the post, it dawned on me that this would be a really cool thing to do with Marillion album covers. This idea stuck in the back of my mind for a bit.

A few days later I was sitting in our living room and noticed that the room layout was very similar to the Script for a Jesters Tear artwork. I grabbed the album cover and started identifying all the details in it, while thinking about what objects in our home could be used to replicate them. Within a few minutes I had run around the house identifying items for use and realized this was definitely doable.

Next was convincing my wife Shirley to go along with it, disrupting the living room quite significantly to make the album recreation. Being the huge Marillion fan that she is, she went along with the idea pretty easily. We were off and running. The following day (Saturday, April 4) we went at it, moving furniture and setting up the living room as close as possible to the layout in the album cover. Shirley took the picture, edited it to darken the light coming through the window and also make it look a bit like a painting. We posted it on our personal Facebook page's as well as on some of the Marillion groups we are part of. The reaction from non-Marillion fan friends, as well as Marillion fans was pretty overwhelming.

Since that day, we just kept identifying additional album covers that we could pull off and have had a lot of fun doing it. We both love the tremendous positive reactions we've received from everyone enjoying them.

Thank you to Joe and Shirley for allowing us to feature their images.

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