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Marillion songs recreated as 1960's singles covers
We asked the creative amongst you to take a Marillion song and design a 1960's style single cover. Thank you to everyone who took the time to contribute - the results of your work are uniformly excellent.

Alone Again In The Lap Of Luxury - Paul J Pelkonen
Paul J Pelkonen

Beautiful - David Dyte
David Dyte

Black Album - Paul J Pelkonen
Paul J Pelkonen

Brave - Marjo Klingenberg
Marjo Klingenberg

Cannibal Surf Babe - Marjo Klingenberg
Marjo Klingenberg

Don't Hurt Yourself - Ellie Weston
Ellie Weston

Don't Hurt Yourself - David Dyte
David Dyte

Garden Party - Jonathan Mock
Jonathan Mock

Grendel - Juan Miguel Arrizabalaga Achalandabaso
Juan Miguel Arrizabalaga Achalandabaso

He Knows You Know - Paul J Pelkonen
Paul J Pelkonen

Hooks In You - Jonathan Mock
Jonathan Mock

Man Of A 1000 Faces - Fraser Marshall
Fraser Marshall

Market Square Heroes - Andy McIntosh
Andy McIntosh

Market Square Heroes - Jonathan Mock
Jonathan Mock

No One Can - Fraser Marshall
Fraser Marshall

No One Can - James Wood
James Wood

Slainte Mhath - Paul J Pelkonen
Paul J Pelkonen

Sympathy - Eric Perry
Eric Perry

The Great Escape - James Woods
James Woods

The Uninvited Guest - James Woods
James Woods

With The Marillions - Anthony Craig
Anthony Craig

Warm Wet Circles - James Woods
James Woods

You're Gone - Jordan Strang
Jordan Strang

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